Portable Grease Pump

Portable Grease Pump

Product Description

Product Name:
Portable Grease Pump

Detail Specifications

-Volume Output/Minute:5 in. ³ (82 cc)
-Maximum Air Pressure:100 PSI (6.9 bar)
-Minimum Air Pressure:40 PSI (2.75 bar)
-Maximum Grease Output Pressure:4000 PSI (275 bar)
-This product prevents moisture from reaching the pump without the need for additional regulators or filtration of water vapor.
-Professional valve piston design.
-Compared with other products, it is easy and simple to operate, and quite convenient to use.
-Low noise.
-It is suitable for extracting 00#~2# butter, mechanical oil, and lubricating oil.
-Applicable objects: agricultural machinery, trailers, pushers, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, and auto repair plants.