Economical Transfer Pump

Economical Transfer Pump

Product Description

Product Name:
Economical Transfer Pump

Detail Specifications

-The product is Air-powered performance for medium to low viscosity fluids such as motor oil, diesel oil, and ATF(Automatic Transmission Fluid).
-Easy operation, low operational noise, safety, and high quality.
-Air Operating Pressure Range is 20 to 150 psi.
-Proven valve piston and waterproof design.
-The unique air motor design, when the switch is turned on, it can run completely automatically, and oil in the barrel can be continuously and rapidly extracted to reduce labor cost.
-Made for professional tool service, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, industrial machinery and equipment...etc.
J5771 application-1
J5771 application-2
J5771 application-3
J5771 fitting-1180mm Tube
J5771 fitting-Bung